#8 Japan, day one and two

Dear all,
I’m currently on vacation in Japan together with my brother and his fiance, typing up some quick thoughts on the computer in the hotel lobby. Normally I have my own laptop with me, but for this vacation I wanted to see how well I’d get along with just the smartphone to access e-mails, twitter and facebook whenever there is wifi. During the flight, I didn’t get any sleep, because I decided to continuously watch movies (Silver Lining Playbook, Loopers, Expendables 2, Django Unchained and Wreck it Ralph). However, staying awake until 22:00 local time seems to have been a good idea, as I didn’t experience any jet lag on the second day (today). So far I enjoy walking around Tokyo – it’s such an unusual place compared to what I’m used to in Europe. There seems to be nintendo-esque music everywhere to the point that the locals don’t notice anymore (at least I’ve been told that they don’t notice anymore).100_2082In the picture, you can see one of the temples in Asakusa, which we have visited yesterday (Sunday the 21st of April 2013). After that, we went to the electronic town in Akihabara, where I tried out some beat’em up arcade game, button-mashing my way to the third fight. Finally we went to Ginza to see the Sony building and a gigantic shopping center. Below is the picture at a pedestrian crossing in Ginza.


Today we went up the elevator the the observation deck of the sky tree, some 350 meters above ground. I took a series of landscape shots, but they all look similar, so I’ll just show one in addition to the queue for the sky tree.


The queue meandered around, there are more people to the left and also behind us, so it took about 30 minutes to get through.


In the afternoon we went to Shinjuku, where I saw a peculiar sign. It took me a moment to understand that this doesn’t forbid elephants from stomping around, but is rather some “don’t litter” kind of sign. Of course, reading the accompanying text helped.


My brother and his fiance went to Yokohama in the evening, as she has to attend a conference there, but my brother is coming back tomorrow during the day to hang out.
I’ll probably write another Japan blog post after my return on the first of May.
Until then,

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