#16 Sword & Laser anthology submission

Today, Veronica Belmont announced that the Sword & Laser anthology entries have been picked. The Sword & Laser people have received about a thousand submissions and picked twenty. Unfortunately my story did not make it into the top 2%.

After revisiting it, there are a lot of things I’d write differently, but it is too late now. Nevertheless, if you are interested in the story, here is a PDF version: Urban Genie PDF

On a whim, I have also decided to create an audio version of it. I hope you don’t mind the accent and the occasional mispronounced word too much ;)

MP3 audio file

Reading it out loud helped me identify awkward sections, so perhaps I should use that method during the revision phase.

Onward to the next project!

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3 thoughts on “#16 Sword & Laser anthology submission

  1. nancyotoole August 17, 2013 at 00:01

    Hello fellow sword and laser rejectee! I read over your story, and thought you did a pretty good job with kid-Alan’s perspective. Kids can be tricky to write realistically. From a purely cosmetic perspective, It might be a good idea to put spaces between your paragraphs, or intent the first line of each paragraph. I noticed I was often getting lost, trying to figure out where paragraphs began and ended. This was especially tricky in the sections with a lot of dialogue.

    Here’s hoping we have more luck next year! If you’re at all interested, I’ve posted my rejected story over on my blog.

    Oh and reading out loud is always a MUST. I read every project aloud multiple times.

    • kaiherbertz August 17, 2013 at 08:16

      Hello Nancy,
      thank you very much for the kind words. Good point about the formatting – for the sake of clarity I shall add indents to my current work in progress. Thanks for posting your story as well, I will go check it out next :)
      All the best,

      • nancyotoole August 17, 2013 at 14:10

        You’re welcome! And thanks for reading my story too :)

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